Hi everyone -

Not entirely sure if this is within the etiquette guidelines for the
radiant list so forgive me if this is out of bounds.

But - I'm looking for someone to assist or help take a couple of
projects off my hands.  For the most part they're greenfield and don't
have much (if any) legacy code.  If they do it's only view layer code
at the moment.  One is a "port" from an ExpressionEngine 1.6 site to
Radiant - just taking the markup and style and tying it in with
Radiant.  The other is a new site where the CSS (sass) and templates
(as Radius files) are already pretty much produced.

I started a new job last month and just can't find the bandwidth to do
these, at least not by myself.  If anyone's interested, feel free to
get in touch with me directly at this email address and I can fill in
any blanks.


- Joel

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