Since master is pretty dirty (and by dirty I mean it's a dirty dirty
and very naughty tree) I think it would be very prudent to clean up
some basics for development, such as `rake radiant:gemspec` producing
a broken gemspec... then there are also descrepencies between the
gemspec on the tree and Gemfile.  When people do development they
would often expect a clean install to happen when they do something
like `bundle install --path vendor/gems`... even if radiant is
broken... instead you are left with an entirely broken development
environment for radiant (such as missing radius and such.)  I would
clean this up myself but I really have no idea what the future plans
for Radiant are or even what the current masters gem requirements are
so that I can.  If somebody would take the time to send me a list of
these requirements I would be more then happy to clean this mess up.

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