Let your web server handle this, eg by adding an alias to the apache 
configuration. (In case you're using apache)

It's not part of the functionality that radiant offers, thou. HTH. Regards,


On Thursday, September 27, 2012 3:52:59 PM UTC+2, whowantstolivefo wrote:
> hi, i have web site designed and developed by radiant cms version 0.9.0 
> my problem is i dont know how to make a file like 
> www.domainname.com/mystaticfiles/ link
> and i have some static html pages in that pages. i want upload my files in 
> www.domainname/mystaticfiles link but i dont know where to put in ftp. when 
> i go my FTP account ( my control panel of hosting is Cpanel ) i dont know 
> where i must create /mystaticfiles path in ftp and can view by 
> www.domainname.com/mystaticfiles
> i hope i can explain my problem. thank you

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