Hi Eric,

Somewhat stabbing in the dark here, but my first guess would be this is a 
load order issue.
At some point after 0.8, the default extension load order was reversed.
Open config/environment.rb, you should find 'config.extensions = [..]' in 
there. Try setting your custom extension last in there.

Also, in your custom extension, are your routes defined in config/routes.rb 

Op maandag 8 oktober 2012 20:36:23 UTC+2 schreef saalon het volgende:
> Hey, all!
> I'm having a tricky problem since our upgrade from Radiant .8 to 1.* that 
> is particular to the extension we built, I'm certain, but I'm hoping 
> someone cna provide some context about the best direction to go.
> One of the things our extension does is define some routes for one of our 
> custom page types. We don't want to have Radiant render the page because we 
> do a lot of very custom stuff in the layout, but we use the page for all 
> the data. So, essentially, someone goes to /production/32178 and we do a 
> find_by_slug for that page and use it in the view.
> The problem: We'd been using the now deprecated r:meta:keyword and 
> r:meta:description tags in the layout to set the meta description and 
> keywords. When they stopped working, I looked into it expecting it to be 
> part of the deprecation, but something else is going on. Essentially, the 
> page that the tag has in its context in tag.globals and tag.locals is not 
> the ProductionPage we're using, but a RailsPage. It appears that 
> previously, whatever was happening previously resulted in setting the 
> ProductionPage we did the find_by_slug on in the controller as the 
> tag.globals.page. Now that's no longer happening.
> Is there a way to override within our controller what ends up in the 
> tag.globals.page (or tag.locals.page) variable? I tried setting a @page 
> instance variable as a test, but that did nothing. Any insights into how to 
> proceed would be appreciated.
> Eric

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