Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to use the Radiant Mailer Extension to create a simple order 
I have a lot of dropdown menus and I want to implement that when the user 
chooses a certain item from the list, it updates the order total.
This is easily done with javascript with using the HTML onChange tag.
But then I also want those order choices to be mailed to me, and that's 
where I'm stuck.

When using the mailer select (with <r:mailer:select>) any onChange tag I 
add to it just dissapears in the HTML souce code. So I can get the users 
choice, but I can't live-update the order totals.
I've tried to sidestep that problem by trying to hange the value of a 
<r:mailer:hidden>, that way I could just make normal HTML dropdowns with 
the onChange, and through some Javascript I can then pass that value on to 
the hidden form, and mail that info. But I wasn't able to do that either, I 
couldn't seem to change the value of the hidden form using Javascript.

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated!

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