Sorry this is really daft but I am confused as to what goes into the bolded 

         * :address => "",
          :domain => "",*
          :port => 25,
        *  :user_name => "xxxxxx",
          :password => "xxxxxx",*
          :authentication => :plain

I've tried various things for the address ( VS., user_name, and pass and nothing happens when I hit send 
on the actual form.  Would the username and password be what I use to log 
into my webhosting account?  

Also for the config, I took off the # for the config.frameworks -= [].  Is 
that correct? or should the line read #config.frameworks -= []?

For this example from another thread:
ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings = {
          :address => "",
          :domain => "",
          :port => 25,
          :user_name => "xxxxx",
          :password => "xxxxx",
          :authentication => :plain

Why is the blocked out? Wouldn't it be

Thank you for anyone to can provide some assistance.   I'm sorry if this 
seems ridiculously simple to set up but I honestly don't understand where I 
am going wrong because nothing is happening when I click "send". 

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