config.assets.compile is a Rails 3 feature and Radiant is currently on Rails 2
Can you give any more details about this?
What URLs do you have and what should they be?

On Sun, Jan 6, 2013 at 12:26 AM, Lou Brothers <> wrote:
> I've recently migrated my site to a host that doesn't like Mongrel. So I'm
> trying out Unicorn and Thin. I've also moved all of my assets within the app
> (from my Public folder).
> Using Webrick I can see all assets displayed on the site appropriately. But
> using Unicorn and Thin I cannot:
>      bundle exec unicorn_rails -p 3000 -o -E production
> The links are working appropriately (in that they're resolving to what they
> did with Webrick) but they're invalid when I follow them through to Radiant.
> The tips I've seen online about altering production.rb with
> config.assets.compile=true don't seem to be working (I get: undefined method
> `assets').
> Help, please.

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