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On 22/1/2013 4:06 AM, Michael Starke wrote:
The dilemma with outdated information about extensions is something I bump into more often than i would like to. My solution is to search rubygems for a recent gem, if there is none, look for a github repo and take the time to sift through all the forks and find the "best-patched" one. Try looking for big radiant contributors (Jim Gay, John Muhl, William Ross, etc.). Sticking to their versions most of the time does the trick. Sometimes I go the extra mile and fork and gemify them myself.

This solution is nothing to die for and if you're depending on a lot of (possibly stale) extensions you might not get lucky. Since so far we fared well with this method. It's time consuming but worth the effort if you can catch up with radiants versions.

I'm updating an old site to 1.1.1 and have a lot of older extensions that I was using. If you are migrating, post the list of extensions that you were using and I can let you know which ones I've verified. On the other hand, if you're starting out, just post in what you want to do and I can let you know if I'm doing something similar and what extension/ fork I'm using for it.

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