Since my upgrade from 1.0.1 to 1.1.1 I've come across a few issues that I 
think are related. I can submit this as an issue to Radiant in Github, but 
before doing so wanted to run it by the group. Here's what's going on:

Since the upgrade, if cache classes is off, extensions are initializing 
with every page load, including any patches to classes. This manifests in a 
few ways.

One is that if you add anything to alias_method_chain, it's being added 
with every page load. This means the first time you load a page, it works 
fine. But if you load it a second time, you get an infinite loop and a 
stack level too deep error. This is described here:!topic/radiantcms/Cgvpyv1BJck

The other was a problem that I thought existed in the new Snippets 
extension, but I now believe is related to this issue. I'd described a 
situation where fields added to snippets pages from any other extension add 
multiple times. Every time that page is loaded, the field is added another 
times. Reload the page 10 times, you get 10 instances of that field being 

My initial post about the snippets problem is here:!topic/radiantcms/OeQ_fHdW0aQ
The github issue I posted about it on the Snippets extension is 

This problem doesn't manifest in production, because classes are being 
cached there. This occurs in Webrick in development mode if you have class 
caching turned off. Based on the stack too deep post above, My guess is 
this issue was introduced in the 1.1.0 release of Radiant.



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