Hi all, I am trying to configure an <AuthBy EXTERNAL> that will get VLAN 
information from our JIRA inventory using MAC authentication.

I am trying to achieve this using a perl script, but I am starting from the 
first as it does not work for me.

I just configured this Handler:

<Handler Client-Identifier=Extreme>
     <AuthBy EXTERNAL>
           Command "C:\perl\perl\bin\perl.exe C:\PROGRA~1\Radiator\MACAuth.pl"

The "MACAuth.pl" script is by now the perl sample found in the goodies 
directory, but slightly modified (code follows)

The issue is that I see in the logs that it runs the script, but then it never 
returns to radiator, and the daemon will stop processing requests. Basically, 
it hangs waiting for the response of the script.

I am running Server 2012 R2 with Strawberry Perl 5.18

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug?

This is the code of the script. Thank you!

# testcommand
# Example to demonstrate how to handle AuthBy EXTERNAL, using
# a perl script
# The incoming attributes are on stdin, one per line in to format
# <tab>attribute-name = value
# Some will have quoted values, and some wont
my $log = "C:\\Program Files\\Radiator\\log.txt";
while (<>)
    open(my $fh, '>>', $log);

    if ($_ =~ /^\s*([^\s=]+)\s*=\s*"((\\"|[^"])*)"/)
        # Quoted value
        $input{$1} = $2;
    elsif ($_ =~ /^([^\s=]+)\s*=\s*(.*)/)
        # Unquoted value
        $input{$1} = $2;
    print $fh "$1 = $2\n";
    close $fh;

# Now have all the incoming attributes in %input
# As a test we will see if User-Name is fred. If so,
# we will accept, else reject with a suitable Reply-Message
# You can set other reply attributes too, if you like.
# The exit value indicates accept or reject:
# 0 = Accept
# 1 = Reject
# 2 = Ignore
# 3 = Challenge
# Alternatively you can print one of the strings ACCEPT, REJECT
# you are using ResultInOutput
if ($input{'User-Name'} eq '0022411fdeba')
    print "ACCEPT\n"; # If you are using ResultInOutput
    print "Tunnel-Type = VLAN\n";
    print "Tunnel-Medium-Type = Ether_802\n";
    print "Tunnel-Private-Group-ID = 15\n";
    sleep 1;
    exit 0; # accept, if not using ResultInOutput
    print "REJECT\n"; # If you are using ResultInOutput
    sleep 1;
    exit 1; # reject, if not using ResultInOutput

Viktu Pons i Colomer

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