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Logs from another platform show EAP-Type=TTLS.

Check that the configuration file has, or at least starts with: 'EAPType TTLS'. This will tell Radiator to start with EAP-TTLS when the client starts authentication.

But I suspect that the NAS is not seeing the responses from Radius and 
therefore resending the access-request.

If the above configuration change does not work, then you need to check NAS logs to see if there's any hint about what's going on. The EAPType change should not affect whether the NAS sees the responses or not, unless it, or some other devices on the path, does some type of filtering based on the responses.

This is my first time working on this kind of Radius setup so the help is 

The start of WiMAX authentication is the same as with other TLS based EAp methods. The client and Radiator establish a TLS tunnel but now it seems that this is not starting up correctly.


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