Hi everyone,

I wanted to try and use the CheckPasswordHook, but can't for some reason.

Whenever I load my config with it, I log this:
ERR: Unknown keyword 'CheckPasswordHook' in goodies/custom.cfg line 33

Config file excerpt :

        <AuthBy LDAP2>
                CheckPasswordHook sub {use Data::Dumper; print 
"=============\n"; print Dumper($_[1]); print "=============\n"}
                Host ldap.**********.tld
                AuthDN uid=**********,ou=**********,dc=**********,dc=**********
                AuthPassword **********
                BaseDN dc=**********,dc=**********
                UsernameAttr uid
                PasswordAttr userPassword

I've searched through the ML archive but the only mention of this hook dates 
back to 2014 and is a copy of the release notes. Some Googling yielded no 
answer either.
Am I missing something ?

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