On 7 Jul 2017, at 7:50, Arya, Manish Kumar wrote:

   I have written a Pre auth hook which uses log_debug to print messages in radius log files. This is working well on my lab radius.however, when I use same script in production I do get Fri Jul  7 08:40:19 2017: ERR: Error in PreAuthHook(): Undefined subroutine &Radius::Configurable::log_debug called at (eval 61) line 2.
What could be the problem and fix ?

In scripts in the old days I used to use:

main::log($main::LOG_DEBUG, “Hello world\n”);

Or if you have Handler object name $h or similar .. $h->log($main::LOG_DEBUG, “Handling request with Handler '$h->{Name}', Identifier '$h->{Identifier}'", $p);

Hope that helps.

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