Hi Radiator team,

just as info before I'll do more debugging.

StatusServer seems to be broken in 4.19 and latest patches applies at least here at Ulm University.

This is perl 5, version 22, subversion 1 (v5.22.1) built for i86pc-solaris
SunOS mizar 5.11 11.3 i86pc i386 i86pc

I had to go back in panic to 4.17, since my eduroam upstream with the germany NREN stopped talking to me and a quick local test showed me, that something is wrong with StatusServer in Radiator 4.19.

More tests will follow but maybe it is already helpful for you and you can look at your release tests too.

Best Regards


Karl Gaissmaier
Universit├Ąt Ulm
kiz, Kommunikations und Informationszentrum
89069 Ulm
Tel.: 49(0)731/50-22499
Fax : 49(0)731/50-12-22499

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