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Additionally: Why is Logformat not supported in <Log SYSLOG> ?

I think it can be supported if needed. Would support similar to what Log FILE has be what you are looking for? In other words, there are four specials that control the format (in addition to common formats).

I need just the possibility to replace special characters with Radius::Util::format_special() not only in LogFILE but also for the LogSYSLOG

see my use case:

<Log FILE>
    Trace       2
    Identifier  radiatorlog
    Filename    %L/radiatorlog
LogFormat %l %s: PID-%{GlobalVar:ThisPID}: %1: %{Calling-Station-Id} %c %{Client:Identifier} %{Handler:Identifier} %2

I use a lot of context additonal to the plain %s message to find the needle in the haystack. Mostly I need to know what handler (OMG I've a lot of them in my config!) and what client was responsible for the message, if available.

The same is true for LogSYSLOG, sent to central syslog server.

Yes I know (now ;) there is a LogFormatHook supported and I would use them otherwise, but a simple Logformat line is simpler and easier to read and maintain.

And by the way, I don't see a reason why LogFILE und LogSYSLOG are different to use %{special:characters} from the packet and process context.


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