Hi Radiator team,

the documentation for VsaTranslationHook is missing, also the documentation for VSA translation in AuthRADIUS.


I'd like to solve the problem of different MAC address representations in the Calling-Station-Id attribute (and also other radius attributes), coming from different sources from all over the world via RADSEC in the eduroam federation.

This makes searching in loggs difficult, sigh.

I can't use VSA vendor and type translations since via the RADSEC clause a lot of different Client vendors are proxied to me as IdP. Btw, VSA Translation is not (yet) implermented for RADSEC.

I need a generic rewrite ruleset for the different MAC address representations and that's what regexps are for, like:

    # strip delimiters
    # insert colons

similar to RewriteUser.

Bingo, I found VsaTranslationHook, but only in the sources of Client.pm and AuthRADIUS.pm and not in the corresponding RADSEC modules, AuthRADSEC.pm and ServerRADSEC.pm and also in ServerRADIUS.pm.

You know, AuthRadius.pm and AuthRADSEC.pm are used for forwarding packets, Client.pm, ServerRADIUS.pm and ServerRADSEC.pm are all receiving clients.


Btw, the Hook in AuthRADIUS.pm is bound to the condition that VsaTranslate is defined, that means I can't use just the Hook alone, that's not good.

    if ($host->{VsaTranslateIn})
Radius::Nas::translateVSAsIn($host->{VsaVendor}, $host->{VsaType}, $host->{VsaTranslateIn}, $p); $host->runHook('Transplantation', $p, $p, 0) if $host->{VsaTranslationHook};

In Client.pm the Hook is called just if it is defined, fine!

    $self->translateVSAsIn($p) if $self->{VsaTranslateIn};
$self->runHook('VsaTranslationHook', $p, $p, 0) if $self->{VsaTranslationHook};

Please make this logic comparable.

Do you have any other suggestion for the problem of different attribute representations coming from the same input channel?


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