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Does Radiator support SCTP Multihoming?

Radiator uses the same socket interface calls for TCP and SCTP. This means the multihoming capability is limited to what can be achieved without SCTP specific calls. For example, if you see SCTP sockets API and search for 'multi-' you'll see that multi-homing is automatically enabled for some cases.


There's one SCTP specific configuration option in Radiator that helps with multihoming. You can specify multiple peers with SCTPPeer and Radiator will try to connect to each of them with connect() until it succeeds. This could also be used later to set the hosts for sctp_connectx() when this SCTP specific call is available.

This is not as good as sctp_connectx() since it means calling connect() in serial instead of handing all hosts to sctp_connectx(), but while it may take longer, it should still get the connection up if there's at least one destination address that responds.

The only thing I see in the documentation regarding multihoming is is
for binding across multiple ip's. But nothing specific for sctp

Looks like SCTPPeer is not documented, but that is available for Diameter and other Stream based classes.

We have thought about creating the necessary bindings for the SCTP socket calls. When this happens has not been decided yet, and it depends on, for example, how much need there would be for the SCTP specific socket calls and options.


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