Hi Dave,

I cant see any way to do this except to alter AuthUNIX.pm so it gets the shell,
and checks the value.

Sorry about that.


On Feb 5,  4:09am, Novagate Systems Admin wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) check user's shell
> A few years ago when we first set up RADIUS we performed a relatively
> simple hack to check the users shell when authenticating via the unix
> password routine (master.passwd file BSD).  The majority of our users are
> checked via the unix system.  Basically users with /hold, /nopay,
> /disconnected, and /usr/contrib/bin/pine (email only account)  would be
> rejected and sent an appropriate reply, for /nopay, "Due to lack of payment
> this account has been disconnected...", for /...pine, "This account is for
> email only.", etc.  This capability is a hack to radiusd.c in 1.16 and I
> can elaborate further if necessary. (per recent discussions on the list, I
> understand reply messages will be in a future radiator release.  We do
> have a fair number of clients that get these messages and it would
> definately increase our support call rate if users no longer knew why
> their logon attempt was rejected.  FYI, clients that do receive these
> reject messages include macppp users, winsock script users, and just about
> anyone using a logon script.)
> Anyway, we very much need this functionality in radiator.  I suppose it
> could be done with group checks and replies (in the next release?) however
> I would like to be able to check against the shell for legacy and other
> reasons.
> If this can be accomplished without hacking the source I would be very
> happy.  However, if necessary, I am willing to take the steps to maintain
> legacy compatibility and modify the source.
> Thanks for any info!
> -Dave Munroe
>  Novagate
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