We had tried OpenLDAP however faced some problems about documentation and
implementation. Because of these problems we have switched back to Netscape
Directory Server. It works great. Now we use ORACLE but for other reasons.

If you can make OpenLDAP running, it will be ok for Radiator I believe.



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> Anyone using OpenLDAP?
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> Subject: Radiator and LDAP
> Hi Mike,
> We are about to start deploying Radiator, using LDAP as the
> authentication method.
> We're currently using NIS, but are preparing to migrate to LDAP. We've
> been looking at the OpenLDAP implementation of LDAP (based on
> the UMich
> work) but have been somewhat worried by the documentation (examples
> which don't work, etc. etc.) I wondered if you knew of any other
> Radiator customers using this method, and if there are any recommended
> information resources (on the Web or elsewhere) which are
> relevant both
> to using Radiator with LDAP and setting up LDAP servers in general.
> Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
> Best wishes,
> Peter
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