I'm getting ready to start using my radiator directly from my platypus via 
AuthBy EMERALD (as soon as I get my new database server).  When I 
get that going, I wanted to configure radiator for a fail over situation.  My 
plans are for 1 database server, 2 radiators on seperate boxes.  If the 
database failes, I want radiator start doing AuthBy TEST.  This way, we 
don't deny service to our customers while our database is down.  I 
thought about using a users file as a backup, but that requires me to 
update the file every so often or make a little slave perl program that will 
do that for me.  When the database gets going again, I want radiator to 
start using that again.  What is the best way to do this?  I'm a little 
concerned about using "ContinueWhileIgnore" in the realm/handler 
since this slows down the auth enough that my modems don't get an 
answer back before hanging up on the dial-up user.

John Kicklighter
Internet 2xtreme

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