How to get the user's group ID during the accouting phase?  I don't think
it would be difficult.  I've made a small patch to radiator that makes
auth'ing out of /etc/shadow emulate /etc/passwd in that the $user->{Group}
hash is built during startup.  This allows me to track and test a user
for rejection based on their group ID in the password file in addition to
their entry in /etc/group.  I would also like to log into my sessionDB
their group ID as well. The problem I'm having (I think) is how to get the
hash value for the username to get the info out of the array that I want.
In (around line 467) I can't simply do as a test:

&main::log($main::LOG_DEBUG, "This user's group is: $name->{Group}");

I get the error:  

Can't use string ("username") as a HASH ref while "strict
refs" in use at .....

The 'username' is replaced with the person's username.  Anyone know how I
can turn that username into a proper hash value to get the information I
want?  I would think there is a subroutine to pack that username (if that
is the proper method) to get the info I want.  Any help is appreciated!
Thanks much.

Aaron Holtz
ComNet Inc.
Manager, Unix Systems Administration
"It's not broken, it just lacks duct tape."

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