On Feb 23, 10:52am, Anton Sparrius wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Problems with Start/Stops
> HI
> Ok, here is the info :
> Ascend 4060's.   Radius TimeOut in the NASs is set to 20 seconds.  (ie, if
> the NAS doesn't get a reply from the radius server (Radiator of course), it
> attempts it again in 20 seconds.)   (Cool...nested brackets)
> However, if a customer logs off prior to 20 seconds online (ie, 15 second
> connection, either failure of some sort, or quick Email check) the Stop
> record is recieved BEFORE the start request.  No sessions are lost in this
> way, but because the START request comes last, the session is added to the
> online.db, but never removed, since the STOP has already been processed.
Implicit in that discussion is that the Start was retransmitted (after the

> I was wondering whether  this is a problem with NT that would not exist
> under Linux, or is this a universal problem.
It not just on NT, Radiator behaves the same on all platforms.

> I find it very hard to believe that Radiator is overloaded so much it can't
> process the Requests coming into it.  Does Radiator have a buffer where it
> stores incomming requests and handles them as soon as it is free too?  Or
> does it just drop the information if it's not ready to process it?
There is a buffering mechanism in the UDP socket that Radiator uses, that has
the effect you describe. It means that Radiator doesnt just lose packets. The
worst it can do is reply late; and you are right. Its hard to imagine that it
didnt process the Start because it was overloaded: after all it did process the
Stop without any problem.

I suspect that the most likely cause is that sometimes a Start packet is lost
on the network. If its happening for every session, then there is some other
problem. Is it every session or just occasionally?


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