Hi Attila,

>From what my experience is, the problem occurs quiet often if your NAS
doesn't talk properly to your radius server (Radiator).


1> Start request gets lost going to Radiator
2> Customer logs off with a (say) 15 second call.  (Checking email...failed
call whatever).
3> Stop request is recorded and attempt to remove from online db
4> Your NAS set to say 20 retry.  So after 20 seconds of no reply to
original Start request, re-sends Start request.  Session added to online db.
5> Because customer has already logged off, there will be no Stop request
coming after the Start.

Hence entry stuck in the online db.

A way around it that I have thought off but not implemented yet is to have a
program (perl of course :)  that checks you NAS's with say SNMP, and checks
your online db, and if a session is in the online db, but not actually on,
remove it.  One problem here is that under NT I cant get anything to remove
from the online db.  Oh well!

Hope that helps.


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From: Attila Janos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Tuesday, March 02, 1999 10:19 PM
Subject: (RADIATOR) hung ports

>I was wondering if anyone can shed the light on why raditor gets hang
>ports often.
>It was alright for a long time now we seem to get lots of call from
>customers that
>ring up because they cant dial in, this is because the session database
>still lists them
>as be active and we only allow one connection from one user at a time.
>I have
>upgraded to the latest version of radiator and still receive these hung
>ports. Can somebody
>shed light on why and how and how this can be rectified. Thankyou very
>Attila Janos
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