I'm running BSDI 4 and Radiator 2.12.1.

All I want for Christmas is not my two front teeth but the following to work:

1) we will eventually be using a realm (wingnet.net) to authenticate some 
2) most of our users will not be logging in with a realm and will need to be 
authenticated against a realm
3) we authenticate off the BSDI passwd file
4) but we use the Radius 'users' file to keep expiration, simultaneous-use, 
and other information on our customers

I have tried multiple <Realm> statements in the radius.cfg file according 
to the docs but I cannot get radpwtst to authenticate a user off the 
passwd file.

I've even pared down the 'users' file so that it only contains an entry like 

DEFAULT Auth-Type = System
                        Framed-Protocol = PPP,
                        Framed-IP-Netmask =

username        Auth-Type = System

But I cannot get the username to authenticate at all.  The only way I can 
get it to authenticate is to put the password in the 'users' file.

Here's a look at the radius.cfg file:

LogDir  /var/log/radius
DbDir   /usr/local/Radiator/raddb
LogFile         %L/detail
DictionaryFile  %D/dictionary

<Client localhost>
        Secret secret   #which I have changed in radpwtst to match what         
                                #I have here
        DupInterval 0

        <AuthBy FILE>

<Realm dummyrealmforholdingauthbyunix>
        <AuthBy UNIX>
                Identifier System

Pretty simple, and should work as best as I understand the docs, but it 
isn't working.

I have been running radiusd on a separate port so my users don't run 
into trouble getting authenticated while I'm testing this.  So here's what I 
send on radpwtst:

./radpwtst -status -trace -acct_port 1701 auth_port 1700 -user username -
password password

The results of the trace simply say 
sending Access-Request
Code:   Access-Reject

However, if I enable one of the default entries in the 'users' file (like the 
'mikem' entry that has the password IN the 'users' file) then that gets 
authenticated.  Or if I put username's password in the 'users' file, then 
'username' will be authenticated.  It's simply not authenticating against the 
BSDI passwd file for some reason.

Help?  Ideas?  Sample configs working for someone else?


Craig Thompson
WingNET Internet Services,
P.O. Box 3000 // Cleveland, TN 37320-3000
423-559-LINK (v)  423-559-5444 (f)

I'm not old, I'm chronologically gifted.

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