I have a little problem to get RADIATOR to work with some TotalControl
Systems and
authenticating and accounting against a MS SQL 6.5 Database.....

As long as i use radpwtst everything works ok but as soon as i try to get
real online
all users will be rejected in case the passwords dont match.

It seems as the TotalControl Systems are sending the Passwords encrypted in
Radius packets and thus it want work against a Database with plane text

Here is what i get in the password logfile:

Tue Mar  9 16:33:27 1999:920993607:wolff:vP</LU:anypwd:FAIL
Tue Mar  9 16:33:28 1999:920993608:m.pess:b[MKtE:anotherpwd:FAIL
Tue Mar  9 16:33:29 1999:920993609:epicon:NRr:athirdone:FAIL

and here with radpwtst

Tue Mar  9 16:35:05 1999:920993705:m.pess:hispassword:hispassword:PASS

thnx for any tips and infos

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