Hi everyone.

I have just purchased Radiator and cannot get it to run on windows 95.
I've followed the install instructions and have installed DCOM and active Perl 
and active Perl is working OK I think. The test script gives me -

C:\radiator>perl test.pl
Starting tests...
Starting servers. Please wait...
trying to replace mikem without -u flag: ignored
trying to replace rejectme without -u flag: ignored
ok 1a
ok 1b
ok 1c
ok 1d  ... etc. up to ok 6i
Tests completed

I used 
perl Makefile.PL install 
and have the radius scripts in the c:\perl\bin directory. There is a simple.cfg
file in the same directory and it looks like this -

# simple.cfg

LogDir          /radiator/log
DbDir           /radiator/raddb

# You will probably want to change this to suit your site.
<Client DEFAULT>
        Secret  mysecret
        DupInterval 0

        <AuthBy FILE>
                Filename /radiator/raddb/users
        # Log accounting to the detail file in LogDir
        AcctLogFileName ./detail

The radiator \raddb directory contains the two files 'as given' from the
.              <DIR>        03-12-99  9:08a .
..             <DIR>        03-12-99  9:08a ..
USERS                6,649  02-12-99 11:59p users
DICTIO~1            40,998  02-17-99  4:43a dictionary
         2 file(s)         47,647 bytes
         2 dir(s)     548,995,072 bytes free

When I try and run the server the cursor goes to the beginning of the
line and stays there. Ctrl-C kills it and when I look in the log directory,
radiusd.pid has appeared there. (It was empty before)

.              <DIR>        03-12-99 10:12a .
..             <DIR>        03-12-99 10:12a ..
RADIUSD  PID             9  03-12-99  4:37p radiusd.pid
         1 file(s)              9 bytes
         2 dir(s)     548,995,072 bytes free

So where do I go from here??
I have no experience of Perl but I do have C++ experience.
Could I add lines into various points of the radiusd script to
output a debug message so that I can try and track down where
it is failing??

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Arnold Roberts
Satelcom UK LTD
Silwood Park
Buckhurst Road

Tel:  +44 1344 872677
Fax  +44 1344 872206

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