Simultaneous Use checking does not seem to be working.  I am not sure
exactly why.  I am using an SQL database with the following table

       AuthColumnDef 0, User-Password, check
       AuthColumnDef 1, Idle-Timeout, reply
       AuthColumnDef 2, Session-Timeout, reply
       AuthColumnDef 3, Simultaneous-Use, check
       AuthColumnDef 4, Time, check
       AuthColumnDef 5, GENERIC, check
       AuthColumnDef 6, GENERIC, reply
       AuthColumnDef 7, Framed-IP-Address, reply

My session database is as follows

<SessionDatabase SQL>
        DBSource  ****
        DBUsername   ****
        DBAuth ****
        AddQuery \
                insert into Sessions (UserName, NASIdent, NASPort, \
                AcctSessionID, TimeStamp, FramedAddress, NASPortType, \
                ServiceType) values ('%n', '%N', %{NAS-Port},
}', \
                %{Timestamp}, '%{Framed-IP-Address}', '%{Port-Type}',
        DeleteQuery \
                delete from Sessions where UserName='%n' and \
                NASIdent='%N' and NASPort=%{NAS-Port}
        ClearNasQuery \
                delete from Sessions where NASIdent='%N'
        CountQuery \
                select NASIdent, NASPort, AcctSessionID from Sessions \
                where UserName='%n'

I'm very new to SQL so forgive my inexperience.  I am learning more
everyday but this problem can't wait for me to figure it out. :)

Also, could someone give me some pointers on making the Timestamp field
more human readable?  The seconds since Jan 1, 1970 is functional but is
there a way to make it a normal date?  I've read the section in the
Radiator reference manual on Formated date stamps, etc, but I am not
sure how to configure that for SQL.  Plus I don't want to make a mistake
and corrupt the tables.  Thanks all.


Richard W. Hawley - Network Engineer
CyberZone Internet Services

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