On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, Paul Gregg wrote:

> Even better would be to use a different accoutning database host to
> the authentication database host.

This is not a problem. I am doing it now.

<AuthBy SQL>
    Identifier SQLAccounting
    DBSource dbi:mysql:accountingDB:accthost.proaxis.com
    DBUsername radius
    DBAuth ***********

<Realm /proaxis(\.com|\.net|)/>
    RewriteUsername   s/^([^@]+).*/$1\@proaxis.com/
    RewriteUsername   tr/A-Z/a-z/

    AcctLogFileName %L/detail-%Y-%m

    AuthByPolicy DoAllAuths
    AuthBy SQLAccounting
    <AuthBy FILE>
        # The following file will have a default entry which
        # specifies to use the "ProAxisSQLAuth" authentication defined
        # in a block later in this file
        Filename %D/users

<Realm somephoneynamethatwillneverbeused>
    <AuthBy SQL>
        # This block is referenced in the "users" file
        # it is then used to do the authentication.
        Identifier ProAxisSQLAuth
        DBSource dbi:mysql:authDB:authhost.proaxis.com
        DBUsername radiusUserName
        DBAuth ****************
        AuthSelect \
            SELECT passwd,check_items,reply_items \
            FROM customers \
            WHERE (userid='%U') AND (status<3) AND (active=1) AND
        AuthColumnDef 0, Encrypted-Password, check
        AuthColumnDef 1, GENERIC, check
        AuthColumnDef 2, GENERIC, reply

        # No accounting here

If you wanted to you could set up additional AuthBy sections and log the
accounting to multiple different servers/databases/tables. You could even
split up the start and stop.


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