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On Mar 16,  7:54pm, Lon R. Stockton, Jr. wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) check/reply items
> Beginning to work on getting my Radiator to do the authentication, and
> would be interested in hearing how people handled things (if they have
> a situation similar to the one I describe below).
> Auth with be done by SQL. I'm going to have to give a for-example or
> two....
>  * My NAS reports the ANI. I want to restrict some customers to only
>    allowing logins if they're calling from an 'appropriate' number.
>    Even better, if they're calling from one of a list of valid numbers.
>    But the kicker is, if I don't specify any number, the login should
>    be allowed from any number (as usual).
You should be able to handle this by adding appropriate chjeck items to the
customers you want to limit. Check items an be regular expressions, so you can
also match a list of permitted values.

>  * My NAS supports per-call filtering. Same kind of deal; if a customer
>    has specific filters in the database, I'd like to use them, but
>    use a standard filter if one's not listed.
I think you will have to deal with this with a clever AuthSelect statement.

>  * Same kind of plan for Reject-Reason.
Do you mean Reply-Message?

>  * Can I specify a message to be sent upon successful auth? If so,
>    same plan there.
Yes, you can specify Reply-Message as a reply item. However, most PPP clients
wont show that message to the dialup customer.

> Now that I write all this, it seems it'd revolve around how radiator
> handles null values found in the various columns, and is probably
> mentioned in the ref manual (if it is obvious in the manual, ignore
> this message; I'll root it out when the time comes). Otherwise, it
> seems that I'd need an ReplyItemSelect and/or a CheckItemSelect config
> item (but Mike, don't go and write this tonight for me like I've seen
> you do with others...I've already burned Radiator on my production CD;
> your code is frozen here at 2.13).
OK, theres lots of useful features already available that will probably allow
you to do what you want.

Hope that helps.


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