Mike McCauley wrote:

> Hi Richard,
> On Mar 19, 11:56am, Richard Hawley wrote:
> > Subject: Couple of things
> > You mentioned that you needed to know what kind of database I ran before
> > you could help me configure it for human readable dates.  I run MySQL.
> In that case, you will need to make your Timestamp column a DATETIME data type,
> thnn you can have something like this in you Radiator config:
> AcctColumnDef   AcctColumnDef   TIME_STAMP,Timestamp,formatted-date,'%Y-%m-%e
> %H:%M:%S'

The timestamp is now coming out like this: '0000-00-00 0:00:00' on every accounting
start and stop.  What did I do wrong?

Trace level 4 output

Mon Mar 22 13:56:48 1999: DEBUG: Query is: insert into Acct0399
                (CallerID, UserName, ModType, InputOctets, OutputOctets,
StatusType, NASPort, FramedIPAddress, SessionID, SessionTime, TimeStamp, NASIdent,
TerminateCause, ConnectSpeed, PopID, DelayTime)
                ('4015965324', 'user', NULL, 212, 186, 'Stop', 109,
'', '0000796c', 111, '922129008', '',

Here is how I created the table:

  UserName char(50) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
  TimeStamp datetime,
  StatusType char(10),
  DelayTime int(11),
  InputOctets int(11),
  OutputOctets int(11),
  SessionID char(30),
  SessionTime int(11),
  TerminateCause char(50),
  NASIdent char(50),
  NASPort int(11),
  FramedIPAddress char(16),
  ConnectSpeed char(50),
  ModType char(50),
  CallerID char(30),
  PopID char(30),
  KEY Accounting_I (UserName)

I need to fix this fast :).  Thanks.


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