Hi Aaron,

Looks like you are trying to connect to a Sybase database on NT?
If so I presume you have loaded DBD-Sybase from ActiveState, and also installed
Sybase on your NT host?

I seem to recall that Malcolm said you were planning to use Foxpro or MS-SQL,
though. If that is the case you will propbably want the DBD-ODBC module from
ActiveState, rather than DBD-Sybase.

On Mar 23, 12:49pm, Aaron Miles wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Newbie Problem
> Howdy all,
>                     Just a quick newbie quesiton for you all.  I'm trying to
> evaluate emerald and radiator.  I'm experiencing a two tear error mesage so
> to speak.
> Radiator gives me a message that says
> install_driver(sybase) failed: Can't load
> 'g:\perl\site\lib/auto/DBD/Sybase/Sybase.dll' for module DBD::sybase:
> load_file:The specified module could not be found at
> g:\perl\lib/DynaLoader.pm line 168.
> at <eval 19> line 2
> at g:\perl\site\lib/Radius/SqlDB.pm Line 97.
> and at the same time WindowsNt informs me that libct.dll could not be found.
> I'm using the standard Emerald.cfg file with the following changes

Sounds a bit like you dont have the Sybase product installed; DBD-Sybase does
not include the Sybase copyright parts like libct.dll.

> DBSource        dbi:Sybase:emerald
>   DBUsername      radiususer
>   DBAuth          secret
>     Am I right in saying the dbsource is what I defined the system DSN as
> (ie. the sql server one which I called Emerald); the username is the user I
> defined in SQL Enterprise Manager for the emerald databases?, and the Auth
> is? . . . not used for emerald?

In the case of Sybase, not quite.
In this example,
>     Sooo basically my question is that, where to I obtain this libct.dll
> from which windows nt requires, and what do I change so the paths that
> radiator wants can be found.  they do exist but the / slashes kills it I
> think, I.E in windows nt you can get to a dir called dbd-sybase, but try a
> "cd dbd-sybase" and it doesn't work.

libct.dl is part of the Sybase database package.

>         I'm sorry for the stupid question, but I only learned what Radius
> was a week ago :-).
No Problem.

If you want to discuss your plan a little, so I can point you in the right
direction, please call me.


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