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Martin Laubach
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Thema:    Antwort: Re: (RADIATOR) Duplicate Accounting Entries  (Document
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| Hmmm, I cant see that Radiator will NAK or ignore just because an
| insertion failed. Are you sure thats whats happening?

  No, not really. I have another theory though...

  At times this happens, the database machine was rather busy. So busy
as queries taking 10 secs or more. Can it happen, that the NAS sends
an Accounting-Request, Radiator tries to insert it into the database
and hangs there for some time -- in the meantime, the NAS times out
and retransmits the request, and again, and again. Finally, the query
returns, and now Radiator will diligently insert those queued accounting
records too...

  This is what I see in the database:

: SQL> select acctstatustype, time_stamp, acctsessionid, acctdelaytime
:    from radacct where acctsessionid = '00026205' order by time_stamp;
: ---------- ---------- ---------- -------------
: Start       922376419 00026205               0
: Stop        922376435 00026205              20
: Stop        922376440 00026205               0
: Stop        922376447 00026205               5
: Stop        922376450 00026205              10

  (Notice the rather peculiar ordering)

  Might that theory explain the phenomenum?

  If so -- perhaps something like AcctDupInterval may be a possibility?
Throw away all accounting requests that have the same NAS-Session-Id from
the same NAS within a configurable period (say 60 seconds or so?).


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