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On Apr 2, 11:45am, Andrew Aken wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) USR Attributes and strange log entries
> In my radiator log files, I frequently get about 30 of these messages in
> a row where the port number (e.g. 791) changes for each message
> NOTICE: Session for tmcclin at has gone away
What version of Radaitor are you running. There was a problem with this in
2.12.1. You should upgarade to 2.13.1, if you are not there already.

> I also get several of these messages always grouped together in this
> way:
> ERR: Attribute number 11 (vendor 311) is not defined in your dictionary
> ERR: Attribute number 1 (vendor 311) is not defined in your dictionary

Hmmm, thats very odd.
Could you capture a hex packet dump with trace level 5 from a packet that
causes this and send it to me?

>From the following paragraph, I am thinking of an very unusual or corrupted
Radius packet. Are you at the latest stable revision of your NAS firmware?


> WARNING: No CHAP-Password or User-Password in request: does your
> dictionary have User-Password in it?
> When we're running Radiator, we get a larger than normal number of
> problems with dial-up users unable to negotiate a compatable set of
> network protocols. We're using a combination of USR HiPer ARCs and USR
> Netserver chassis.
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