I have two questions with regards to sessiondbm and radwho.cgi...

1) We have two radiator servers, primary and secondary. Each one has a
sessiondbm file. We would like them to both use the same session file so
simuse is tracked, etc. We don't want to setup NFS because of security
issues. Is there any other way to have the two radiators use the same dbm
session file without NFS and without going to SQL?

2) We would like to use the radwho.cgi program. However, our session file
(sessionDBM, see above) is on our radiator server. We don't want to install
a webserver on the radiator server when we have several perfectly good
webservers sitting next to it. It would appear that the session.dbm file has
to be on the same machine as the webserver unless you use SQL. Is this
correct and is there a way around it?


Jay West

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