Hi all,

I thought I might let everyone know about some of the answers to problems I
was having with getting some aspects of Mysql and Radiator going. Some
people may already know these but I'm sure there are newbies like myself
who will be asking them again some time.

If anything here is wrong then please let me know.


1 - Using radacct.cgi on another computer without doing a full install of
By using ./configure --without-server --prefix=/usr/local/mysql it will
install with only the files needed.

2 - Here is some interesting info I got from a bloke about the Msql and
Mysql module, this was in regards to a Dynaloader problem

This helped me when I went through all of this the last couple of weeks. 
The author of the module told me this:

There are known problems with shared versions of libmysqlclient, 
at least on some Linux boxes. If you receive an error message 
similar to
install_driver(mysql) failed: Can't load 
for module DBD::mysql: File not found at 
/usr/lib/perl5/i586-linux/5.00404/DynaLoader.pm line 166

then this error message can be misleading: It's not mysql.so 
that fails being loaded, but libmysqlclient.so!

As a workaround, recompile the Msql-Mysql-modules with
perl Makefile.PL --static --config 
make test 
make install
This option forces linkage against the static libmysqlclient.a.

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