Hello Ferhat,

>From the log file, it is clear that the Linux server is proxying to port 1645, but it sounds like they are not being received by
Radiator on the Solaris

So I would look at things that might stop the request getting to the Solaris

1. A Router blocking ports 1645 between the linux and solaris hosts

2. Ip packet filtering on the packets going out from Linux

3. IP packet filter incoming to the solaris host

4. Radiator on the solaris is listening on other than port 1645 (see AuthPort
on the solaris Radiator)

5. Solaris is multihomed, and you are using BindAddress in Radiator, but the
bind address does not include the network where the linus host is connected.

At this stage I would use snoop on Solaris to check whether the packets are
making it to the solaris interface:

snoop -d le0 port 1645

Hope that helps.


On Apr 9, 11:57am, Ferhat Dilman wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Radius Proxy from Linux to Solaris
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