We have an old Steel-Belted radius server.  Our radiator server is just
now going into full production use.  I have it configured now with a
ContinueUntilAccept clause, however, this is getting around the
Simultaneous-Use checking.  The concern is that not every user was added
to the SQL database from the old NT database.  If I change radius.cfg to
be ContinueUntilReject, anyone who is not in the SQL database will be
rejected.  Is there a way to avoid this?  I know if the user is not in
the database, it will automatically reject.  Obviously I do not want to
set it so it automatically accepts anyone not in the database.  I want
it to pass the request to AuthBy RADIUS if the user does not exist in
the SQL database.  Thanks.


Richard W. Hawley - Network Engineer
CyberZone Internet Services

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