I'm having trouble with the PostAuthHook Realm/Handler parameter.

My Hook basically looks like this (stripped down to the essentials):

PostAuthHook sub {                                                \
        my ($request, $reply, $auth_result) = @_;                 \
        &Radius::Log::log($main::LOG_NOTICE, "$request - $reply - $auth_result");\
        $reply->add_attr('Service-Type', 'Framed-User');          \

The documentation says that the first and second arguments to the subroutine
are references to the request and reply and the third argument is the
result of the Auth phase.

Therefore the add_attr() call should work, but it causes the following error:

Mon Apr 19 21:25:08 1999: ERR: Error in PostAuthHook(): Can't call method "add_attr" 
on unblessed reference at (eval 49) line 1.

It seems that in reality the arguments are something else, as the notice
messages from the log() call in the above handler in my logfile suggest:

Mon Apr 19 21:25:08 1999: NOTICE: SCALAR(0x858dfc8) - SCALAR(0x84aefcc) - 

Shouldn't this read something like 

Radius::AttrVal=HASH(0x80c24a4) - Radius::AttrVal=HASH(0x80c24a4) - 1

Anyone got any ideas?


-Marc Liyanage

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