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> Subject: (RADIATOR) Encrypted Password, How-To?
> Hi All,
> we just got an eval copy of radiator 2.13.1 and i'm trying to set this thing
> right.  However, i may have overlooked something here regarding the use of
> Encrypted Passwords, i can't seem to get it working properly.
> This question may have been answered along time ago but pardon me for asking
> this again, i'm kinda new on this list.
No Problem.

Your config file looks fine, provided the column rdu_encrpass really does
contain UNIX style encrypted passwords.

It might help us if you sent an excerpt from your Radiator log file at trace
level 4, showing what happens when you try to do an authentication?


> below is my "Realm configuration"  it seems that i get authenticated even if
> supply the wrong password, or even without a password for that matter..
> another question i have in mind is whether i can use "AuthBy Radius" and
> a different port for which that proxy radius is using and redirect it there?
> thanks in advance.
> <Realm DEFAULT>
>     AuthByPolicy ContinueWhileAccept
>     <AuthBy SQL>
>         ## Authentication parameters
>         DBSource        dbi:mysql:AAA:mySQL-host.
>         DBUsername    Radiator
>         DBAuth           blah-blah-blah
>         AccountingTable acct_log_tbl
>         AuthSelect select rdu_encrpass, rdu_sess_limit, rdu_timeofday \
>                           from auth_rdu_tbl where rdu_username = '%n'
>         AuthColumnDef 0,  rdu_encrpass, Encrypted-Password, check
>         AuthColumnDef 1,  rdu_sess_limit, Session-Limit, check
>         AuthColumnDef 2,  rdu_timeofday, Time, check
>         ## Accounting parameters
>         AcctColumnDef   acct_username, User-Name
>         AcctColumnDef   acct_timestamp, Timestap, integer
>         AcctColumnDef   acct_statustype, Acct-Status-Type
>         AcctColumnDef   acct_delaytime, Acct-Delay-Time, integer
>         AcctColumnDef   acct_inputoct, Acct-Input-Octets, integer
>         AcctColumnDef   acct_outputoct, Acct-Output-Octets, integer
>         AcctColumnDef   acct_inputpkt, Acct-Input-Packets, integer
>         AcctColumnDef   acct_outputpkt, Acct-Output-Packets, integer
>         AcctColumnDef   acct_session_id, Acct-Session-Id
>         AcctColumnDef   acct_session_time, Acct-Session-Time, integer
>         AcctColumnDef   acct_term_cause, Acct_Terminate-Cause
>         AcctColumnDef   acct_nas_ip, NAS-Identifier
>         AcctColumnDef   acct_nas_port, NAS-Port, integer
>     </AuthBy>
> </Realm>
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