Hi all,

I apologize if this has been covered before (I couldn't find a web archive
of the list, guess there is none ??)...

I am currently doing accounting for 54 NAS's (53 PM3 and one Cisco 7200 /
dialup, isdn + dsl). Needless to say, a lot of accounting packets. Running
radiator-2.12.1 on RH Linux 5.2, and running Solid 2.30.0026 for the
accounting DB.  So far, Solid seems to do a lot better than MySQl did the
last time I tried it.

The machine is a PII-450/256M ram.

Solid is chewing up about 340 meg of disk space a month...

Now, this setup is working fairly well so far.  Sometimes though, Solid
gets really bogged down, and our queries take a lot longer than I think
they should (tracking down spammers, hackers, usage reports etc.)

The reason we are running solid, is that with MySQL (at least a few months
ago when I first tried it) was that your detail database was basically one
big file.  Linux has a max filesize limit of 2G.  We were getting close
before :(  More importantly though, as it should be our Radius SQL
connection was doing inserts every second of every day pretty much.  Now,
when we would go to run some type of query against it, the radius SQL
connection would lock up, queuing inserts, queuing packets etc.  The MySQL
database would also get corrupted when it got that big.

So now that you know my life's story :)  I would like to hear from people
running environments just as large or larger than mine, and how you are
'doing it'.  Here is what I would like:

-       Intel machine(s)
-       RH Linux (perhaps FreeBSD if a given solution used/required it)
-       MySQL (perhaps there are some big improvements in the 
        latest/greatest versions ??)

I basically want a box(es) that do Radius accounting and nothing but, that
are stable, no DB corruption, and as little maintenance as possible (Solid
spoiled me on this).  Also, we need to be able to run rather large queries
daily (off hours, 3am etc) for usage stats and the like.

PS:     We are using the Solid DB Web-engine (smaller concurrent user
        max).  Solid has pretty much discontinued all of its former
        standard products, so this is another issue.  Don't want to be
        running the DB on a dead platform.

I would appreciate if anyone in a similar environment could drop me an
email discussing your Radius accounting solution, hints etc..

Thanks in advance.

Brandon Applegate, CCNA  :  Network Administrator
http://www.one.net       :  [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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