Slightly off topic, but...

[Mon May  3 14:07:25 1999] [error] (2)No such file or directory: exec of
/home/httpd/cgi-bin/radacct.cgi failed
[Mon May  3 14:07:25 1999] [error] [client] Premature
end of script headers: /home/httpd/cgi-bin/radacct.cgi

The directory exists and so does the filename.  /home is a symlink to
/usr/local/home and I configured the cgi-bin directory on the web server
to follow sym links.  Anyone have this problem?  I'm sure it is a
misconfiguration in the web server, but Im not sure why.  I can run
other cgi scripts from that directory.


Richard W. Hawley - Network Engineer
CyberZone Internet Services

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