i think you probably need to do a "RewriteUsername" to strip your
"@Interlinea200" realm to get authenticated as "fer8" only.

i hope this helps.


> So, it says:
> 'Realm=interlinea2000'
>  User-Name = "fer8@interlinea2000"
>  INFO: Access rejected for fer8@interlinea2000: No such user
> Why is user fer8@interlinea2000, and not fer8? I think the system detects
> realm: interlinea2000, so it must authenticate user fer8 no more. is it
> right?
> How to solution that? Any idea?
> Thanks for your help and time.
> Best regards,
> PD: Sorry for my questions, too many this week, but I want to finish my
> radiator configuration. We are very close :-)
> Fernando Martin 
> Interlinea2000
> http://www.i2000.es
> Voz:(943)-621033
> Fax:(943)-627340

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