Hi Ferhat.
Looks like maybe you are having some trouble with Handlers V Realms?

Radiator has a particular way of choosing which Handler or Realm to use to
handle a request. From the manual:

-Look for a Realm with an exact match on the realm name
-If still no exact match, look for a a matching regular expression Realm
-If still no match, look for a <Realm DEFAULT>
-If still no match, look at each Handler in turn until one where all the check
items match the request.
-If still no match, ignore (i.e. do not reply to) the request.

Some consequences of this:
- Realms have much higher priority than Handlers
- If you have a <Realm DEFAULT>, no Handlers will _ever_ fire.
- If you have a Handler with no match specifier, (ie <Handler>)
then no Handlers that follow it in the config file will _ever_ fire.

We usually advise not to mix Realms and Handlers in the same config file, as
you end up with configs that are difficult to understand.

Hope that helps


On May 6,  3:58pm, Ferhat Dilman wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Handler vs Realm
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