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On May 14, 11:30am, Roberto Carlos Navas wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Config Question
> I have a config file with only one realm, because my clients don't use
> realms... this realm will be authenticated by multiple <AuthBy SQL>
> methods... with a AuthPolicy of UntilAccepted, I have 4 <AuthBy SQL> in this
> realm that do queries to diferent databases/tables... any user will exist
> only in one of them, but I have this problems:
> 1) I have diferent accounting tables in every database, so if a user is
> authenticated by the first <AuthBy SQL> then I wish that the accounting data
> will be stored in the table specified in that <AuthBy SQL>, this way if a
> user is authenticated by the second <AuthBy SQL> his/her accounting
> information will be stored in a correspondent database.

The only way to do this is to enlist the NAS to help you.
Most NASs support the Class attribute. If the Radius server sends back the
Class attribute (which is a string) in reply to an access request, then the NAS
will send that same value in a Class attribute in all the accounting requests
for that session.

So if you set the Class attribute differently in each realm for the access
requests, you could then use Handlers to discriminate between accounting
requests according to how the session was originally autenticated.

Therefore, this is using the NAS to remember how the session was authenticated.

I hope that makes sense. Please let me know if not.

> 2) I made a lot of testing, but EncryptedPassword is not working for me, any
> suggestions?
> I send you my config file, and maybe you can explain to me what Radiator is
> doing.
EncryptedPassword is ignored if you are using AuthColumnDef, since
AuthColumnDef specifies exactly how to handle each column.

If you have an encrypted password in your SQL, and if you are using
AuthColumnDef, you should do something like this:

AuthColumnDef   0, Encrypted-Password, check

Hope that helps.


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