We are looking for a PAM modul, that allows ftp login authentication via
There are many PAM modules available, but none allow us to authenticate
that try to connect via ftp. Why? Because none of the PAM modules provide
and GID with the authentication, which in turn is defenitely obligatory for
chroot within
the ftpd and file manipulation. Do U see the our problem?

So has anyone here come up with a solution to our problem? Meaning: Is a
modul available that authenticates ftp users (completely) remote?

If so, pls tell me where to get it. If not so... *argl*... is anyone
thinking about making
such a module?

Pls advise,
Niels Hansa
debis Systemhaus EDVg
Internet Services - Systemintegrator

Hofmuehlgasse 3 - 5, 1060 Wien, Austria
Tel.: +43 1 599 03 / 1327
Fax: +43 1 599 03 / 1399
WWW: http://www.debis.at/

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