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On May 22,  4:22pm, Clement wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Access mode of password log file
> The password log file contains user passwords in clear text.  It has to
> be protected.  But when Radiator creates new ones, the access mode is
> "-rw-r--r--".   Do you know how to change this default behaviour?  FYI,
> access mode of the log file directory is "-rwx------".
> --

If the file does not exist, it will be created with the default umask of your
Radiator (typically rw-r--r--).
There are several ways you can change this behaviour:

1. Change the access mode of the file _after_ its been created. Radiator wont
change the mode after that.

2. Change the umask of the parent Radiator process (usually you would need to
do this in the parent shaell, or perhaps a login.conf or .profile, deopnding on
your system)

BTW, did you see the reply from Jeremy Hinton about your problem with
accounting? Did it help?


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