I have a found a Perl module for retrieving shadow passwords in
ftp://dagobert.eur.nl/pub/homebrew/Shadow-0.01.tar.gz . It adds the
Solaris ( and other OS's ) getspnam() function to Perl.

Does anybody know other similar modules? Mike, will be posible an
AuthSYSTEM.pm version using any implementation of getspnam like this? I
think it can be a complete solution for all the shadow passwords
problems. Now with Radiator, it's posible to work with the /etc/shadow
file of a Solaris users database, but loosing the information in the
/etc/passwd file, and the primary GID is in this file. A posible
AuthSYSTEM.pm version with getspnam() support, will work with any
user/password database defined in nsswtich.conf.

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