I'm presently only using Radiator in a fairly new network (but working 
to extend that to many other locations). This new network has six 
sites, one directly on the Ethernet with the servers and five remote 
via frame-relay. Radiator has been working like a charm on the Ethernet 
site for more than a month, but the remote sites just came up last week.

What I see for these sites is a lot of failed access requests. The NAS, 
a PortMaster 3, sends the request, Radiator approves it and sends back 
an accept, then the NAS sends a duplicate access request about three 
seconds later. Radiator ignores the duplicate request, but the NAS 
sends another one a few seconds after that which is also ignored. This 
is repeated several times before the user gives up. However, it isn't 
consistent. About 40% of the accepts are successful, no duplicate 
requests are received, and the caller is connected.

Looking at the Radiator log, it seemed clear that the accept was not 
making it back to the NAS for some reason. I changed the DupInterval 
parameter for Radiator to zero and now all valid callers are 
authenticated successfully. The log file still indicates that there are 
duplicate requests but now they are being ignored. Eventually, usually 
after two or three failures, the NAS hears the accept and the caller is 

This makes no sense to me. We are using PortMaster 3s in over a hundred 
sites around the world and have never seen this problem. But only in 
this one network are we using Radiator. The network itself does not 
seem a candidate for the problem; it is almost completely unloaded 
still and the accepts did sometimes work. BTW, I saw no failures of 
accounting requests. Maybe the NAS doesn't care about getting a reply 
for those?

What problems will we experience if I leave the DupInterval set to 
zero? Or, alternatively, are there any other suggestions for how to 
solve this problem?
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