I've been trying to get this to work to no avail.  I'm trying to get
radiator to push its error logs to local0.  I've tried:

       Facility LOG_LOCAL0
       Facility local0
       Facility LOCAL0

all to no avail.  Using 'logger' I can send message to local0 just fine
and they get into the log as expected.  Any guesses?  syslog.ph exists as
does Sys::Syslog.  I don't have any errors in the normal radiator logfile
so I'm not sure why these aren't making it as expected. syslog.ph has:

unless(defined(&LOG_LOCAL0)) {
sub LOG_LOCAL0 () {(16<<3);}  
I also ran h2ph just to be sure...  Thanks.

Aaron Holtz
ComNet Inc.
UNIX Systems Specialist
"It's not broken, it just lacks duct tape."

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