We have the following Situation, in which we use Radiator as
a radius proxy (AuthBy RADIUS) between the dial-in hardware and 
our customer radius servers:

Client <-(radius)-> Radiator <-(radius)-> customer radius server

If we want some of our customers to specify Framed-IP-addresses for
their dial-in users, we need to have a mechanism to ensure that 
these addresses are within their IP range.

My thought was, that I could establish this through a PostAuthHook,
in which I would check the Framed-IP-Address, and accept it if it was
a valid IP address, and reject it otherwise.

However, in PostAuthHook, $_[1], does not seem to contain the reply
attributes gotten from the customer radius server. ( $_[1]->count is
0. I am able to add attributes with $_[1]->add_attr though!)

Is this the way to check the Framed-IP-Address? If yes, what is 
wrong with my approach? If not, what other mechanisms can I use
to ensure correct issueing of IP addresses by customers?

Sander Asberg

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